Monday, June 1, 2009

Educational Publishers

An up-to-date list for writers interested in the school/library market.


Sheri said...

I've been wanting to break into this industry for a while. How does it work, though? Do you give them writing samples and they do writers for hire or is it still speculative writing?


Laurie said...

Sheri, Look at their catalogs, usually available online, and target some series of types of series you'd be interested in. Then put together an intro packet consisting of: cover letter (of course) and several writing samples. The cover letter should tell them your qualifications and the types of books you'd be interested in (biography, animal, trees, etc.) Try to match your writing sample to the age level and style of the series.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Laurie, for linking to my Educational Markets list. I hope it proves helpful to your visitors.

Best wishes,
Ev Christensen